聊天GPT2023-02-09 02:28:43 -0800bg-[#4aa181]人工智能开放人工智能提示尖端工具包此备忘单列出了来自世界各地的有关如何有效使用 ChatGPT 的提示和技巧



  • 为您的企业或想法命名
  • 1. Can you suggest a creative name for my tech startup?
  • 2. Help me come up with a catchy name for my bakery business.
  • 为课程或培训计划创建大纲
  • 1. Please create an outline for a course on web development for beginners.
  • 2. Can you make a training program outline for a customer service workshop?
  • 向您询问特定工作的面试问题
  • 1. I'm interviewing for a software engineer position, can you give me some interview questions?
  • 2. Please provide me with some common interview questions for a marketing manager role.
  • 为您的商业伙伴、客户或客户提供礼物创意
  • 1. I need gift ideas for my clients, can you help?
  • 2. What are some unique gifts I can give to my business partners?
  • 从一长串姓名或电子邮件列表中随机选择一名获胜者
  • 1. I want to choose a winner from a list of 100 names, can you help? 2. Can you randomly pick 5 email addresses from a list of 1000 for a giveaway contest?


  • 解释为什么一段代码不起作用Why this code is not working? var x = 5; var y = 0; console.log(x/y);
  • 解释一段代码的含义What this code does? function addNumbers(a, b) { return a + b; }
  • 使用指定语言重写代码Translate this code into Python: function addNumbers(a, b) { return a + b; }
  • 编写整个软件程序1. Write a program that calculates the factorial of a given number in python? 2. How do I make an HTTP request in Javascript?
  • 生成正则表达式(regex)1. Create a regex that matches all email addresses? 2. Generate 8-digit password regex
  • 向您的代码库添加注释Add comments to this code: function addNumbers(a, b) { return a + b; }
  • 更改一行代码的CSSUpdate the CSS for this line to change the font color to blue? <p class="example">Hello, QuickRef.ME!</p>
  • 更改一行代码的 HTMLAdd a class of "header" to this header tag? <h1>Hello, QuickRef.ME!</h1>


  • 创建电子邮件活动1. Email inviting Jack to dinner on the weekend 2. Create an email sequence for our new customer onboarding process
  • 格式化和校对电子邮件Proofread and format this email I just wrote: Hello, do you have any actual tips or tricks for ChatGPT please?
  • 提供有效电子邮件营销的技巧1. Give me some tips on how to increase open and click-through rates for my email campaigns 2. Suggest ways to make my email content more engaging and relevant to my subscribers.
  • 自动回复电子邮件Email him, "That's a good suggestion, it's coming soon": Hello, do you have any actual tips or tricks for ChatGPT please?
  • 从文本中提取电子邮件地址Extract all email addresses for me: Sed sit amet sodales tom@gmail.com, at jack@quickref.me enim. 18261@outlook.com ut eros


  • 帮助创建电子表格公式Can you help me create a formula to calculate the sum of cells A1 to A10?
  • 给你解释一个公式Can you explain the meaning of the formula =SUM(A1:A10) in simple terms?
  • 为占位符创建虚拟数据Can you generate dummy data for me to use as placeholders in my spreadsheet?
  • 帮助创建复杂的宏I need to create a macro that calculates the average of cells B1 to B10 and inserts the result in cell C1. Can you help me with that?
  • 提供提高电子表格效率的技巧Can you give me some tips on how to improve the efficiency of my spreadsheet?


  • 为您提供有关任何主题的模因的想法Can you give me some meme ideas for [dogs]?
  • 给你一个可以推动任何主题参与的帖子的想法I want to create a post about climate change that can engage my followers. Can you help me with some ideas?
  • 生成主题标签和标题I need some hashtags and a caption for a picture of a scenic sunset. Can you generate some for me?
  • 提供建议回复I just received an message asking about the status of a project. Can you suggest a reply for me?


  • 总结较长的文本选择Can you please summarize this article for me? [your text]
  • 翻译外语Can you translate this sentence into Spanish? [your text]
  • 像另一本书的书Can you recommend books similar to 'The Hunger Games'?


  • 为您打造 AI 设计提示Can you help me generate a design prompt for a logo for a new sports brand?
  • 关于博客或视频缩略图的建议Can you recommend some eye-catching thumbnail designs for my latest YouTube video on healthy eating?
  • 字体配对Can you suggest a font pairing for a travel blog header design?
  • 颜色搭配Can you recommend a color palette for a wedding photography website?


  • 从大块文本中提取数字Please extract all the numbers from this text: [your text]
  • 根据您提供的文本或数据创建表格Can you create a table from this data?: [your data]
  • 从大列表中过滤数据Please filter this list based on certain criteria: [your list]


  • 给你广告创意Give me ad creative ideas for a new product launch.
  • 查看错误跟踪代码(标签管理器等)Review my tag manager code for errors
  • 给你广告文案创意Suggest ad copy for a [travel] company
  • Facebook 观众建议Recommend a Facebook audience for a clothing line ad campaign
  • 为您的广告创建正文、标题和/或号召性用语Create headlines, body text, and calls to action for a new fitness program ad.


  • 编写或重写您的产品说明Please help me write a new and compelling product description for my latest item.
  • 撰写或重写上诉信I need help rewriting my appeal letter to make it more persuasive.
  • 编写或重写供应商外展电子邮件Can you please help me write an effective email to reach out to potential suppliers?
  • 帮助您找到可以捆绑销售的商品Please suggest some items that would make a good bundle for our customers.
  • 组织产品和定价数据Can you help me organize my product and pricing information into a neat and manageable spreadsheet?


  • 为您的任何创意写作项目创建标题Titles for my short story collection: [your article]
  • 创建轮廓Outline for an essay on exercise
  • 生成内容创意Ideas for a blog on sustainable fashion?
  • 总结你给它的任何文本Summarize this article on renewable energy? [your article]
  • 创建整个博客文章Blog post on [financial planning]?
  • 扩展句子、段落或长文本选择Expand this sentence on jazz music? [your sentence]
  • 改变写作的基调Change tone of this report to conversational? [your report]
  • 校对或编辑你的作品Proofread this article? [your article]
  • 使用标题格式化文本(非常适合博客文章)Format headings for my blog post? [your post]
  • 检查任何文本是否存在偏见Check this article for bias? [your article]
  • 检测任何文本中的抄袭Detect plagiarism in this paper? [your paper]
  • 为您提供域名创意Domain name for my [gardening blog]?


  • 将事实或统计数据列表变成多项选择测验Can you turn this list of facts about world history into a multiple-choice quiz? [your list]
  • 关于特定主题的分配想法I need some ideas for a history assignment on the American Revolution. Can you suggest some?
  • 从学生列表中创建分配的组I have a list of 30 students in my class. Can you divide them into groups of 6 for group projects?
  • 根据考试成绩创建曲线I need to create a grading curve for my class based on their test scores. Can you help?
  • 给作业评分Can you grade this history essay and provide feedback on any areas for improvement?


  • 从成绩单创建时间戳Can you create timestamps for this transcript of a podcast episode? [your transcript]
  • 将 YouTube 视频转换为带格式的博客文章Can you turn this YouTube video about cooking into a blog post with headings and bullet points?
  • 提出视频大纲或脚本I need an outline for a video about the benefits of meditation. Can you help?
  • 创建对评论的回复Can you write a thoughtful and polite response to this negative comment on my YouTube video?
  • 为您的缩略图提供想法I need some ideas for a thumbnail for my video on 'DIY home decor'. Can you suggest some?
  • 分析你的剧本或成绩单并告诉你它的基调Can you analyze this script for a video about environmental issues and tell me what the tone is? [your script]
  • 关于任何主题的视频创意I want to make a series of videos about fashion. Can you suggest some ideas for individual episodes?


  • 帮助研究 2021 年之前发生的任何事情
  • 1. Explain quantum computing in simple terms
  • 2. Got any creative ideas for a 10 year old’s birthday?
  • 3. How do I make an HTTP request in Javascript?
  • 4. Can you tell me about the events leading up to the American Civil War?
  • 5. What can you tell me about the invention of the printing press?
  • 6. Can you research the history of the Olympic Games?
  • 7. Can you give me information about the French Revolution?
  • 8. I'm interested in the history of the Byzantine Empire. Can you help me learn more?
  • 9. etc...